Thursday, November 29, 2007

No batteries, no pics, but progress!

Well, even after stealing batteries out of two different toys and a remote, none of them where strong enough to run the camera, so no pics yet, BUT, I have lots to update on!

I learned to ply on my spindle last night!!!!!!! I had previously spun some really shiny pretty wool I got from a fiber fair, it spun up beautiful, a bit thick as I think it was my 2nd or 3rd spinning attempt, I decided to spin it a really thin yarn, I used a sock yarn that is a pretty gold, but when spun up was just too scratchy of a wool to wear, but together with the purple, it looks soooo cool!!! I have been intimidated by the thought of plying on a spindle, but once I started, it was really just as easy as spinning, I couldn't believe it! I did the whole ( even though my arms are aching today) 1st ball about 50 yards probably, and I have a 2nd ball I am going to spin ply tonight. So, now I know how to ply, and I know what to do with sock yarn that just doesn't feel soft enough to put on piggies!!!

Also, I am about 1/4 of the way done with the form fitting poncho I am making out of ticker tape to wear to my stbxh's work Christmas party. I had picked this yarn up for a dollar each at the beginning of summer while on my way to a camping trip , it was shortly after I learned how to knit. It isn't a yarn I would buy now, but man, I am loving how this knits up, and the colors are just beautiful! Makes me want to buy more, but I cant, I have taken a pledge to buy,
1: local
2) earth friendly or low impact
3) home made, hand spun or dyed, or small private shops.

Moda Dea ticker tape meets none of that criteria. I will continue to use things in my stash that aren't so earth friendly of course, but my pledge is I will buy only the above criteria for the whole year of 2008. You should think of taking the pledge, the group to sign up is on I am not good with linky things, but if you leave me a comment, with your ravelry id, I can send you an invite to join the group.

Also, in other news, i am going to cast on my Clapotis today!!! I have decided to use a worsted weight wool that I have hand dyed in greens oranges and blues, I have 3 skeins of about 250 yards each and I am hoping that is enough... wish me luck!!!

Oh yeah, guess what? ALL my kids are home sick today. I am sick the 3 older boys are sick, but the 21 month old is flying fine!!! I think we have some sort of tummy bug... So I hope they get (and myself) to feeling better!

Last night was my 6 yo's ds J's birthday, I had 12 kids here, was fun! I cant believe the mess though!!!

Well, will try to get batteries tonight, will see what happens:)


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