Monday, December 31, 2007

Warning! FO pic HEAVY:)

Well, I have been a busy little girl! My kidddos are still on Christmas vacation until Wednesday. And did you know??????? I found someone who lives in the same teeny tiny town I do, on ravelry??? I wasn't even looking! When you pass your mouse pointer of someones avatar to get somewhere (which was my case, I happened to just be moving my mouse to a post) and saw her!!! I am sooo excited! She is going to give me some pointers on spinning, and I am going to give her some pointers on dying! I cant wait till the kids go back to school Wednesday, (I know that's not nice to say.......)

Anyhoo, here are some fo's I have been working hard on.
Awareness ribbon dish cloth for my weekly dish cloth kal. Sorry for the crappy pic, I sooo need a new cam, but it just isn't gonna happen:(

Just some plying practice with my spindle spun yarns. This one is just a baby, 11 yards long, some leftover from my Christmas ply job. And we have some spin wip, silver 50% merino, 50% tencil blend from Winderwood Farms I am spinning up for January's spin challenge. The name of the challenge is indulge yourself, well, silver is an indulgence!!!

Ah yes, and the matching/contrasting hand towel to go with my ball band dish cloth. Want to know a secret? The dish cloth is a wash cloth, my kids claimed it!!! I really adore this pattern, and am thinking of doing many things with it:)

Last but not least, we have a finished Chevron scarf. This seemed to take me forever, but in retrospect, was only a few days. I am very happy with the way it turned out! I just love the colors, and cant wait to get it washed and dryed so it will lay nice and pretty:) I was gonna use it for a gift, but....... it matches my head cover and I think I want it for me:)

Guess what? After raining for like a week, and all the snow (14 inches of it) melting, it snowed 8 inches last night!!! So, I guess I cant complain about having to shovel first thing this morning, I did have a week break from it:)

Hope all is well! Keep your eye out for these upcoming projects!

Panta for my one skein kal

And I will be casting on the second sock for bil

And, of course a new dish cloth for next week:)

I know, not much happening, BUT, kids are home still, and I am lucky to have gotten done what I have, so I don't want to start any major projects just yet!!!
Talk to me baby, talk to me!!!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Couple of wips and an fo!!!

Well, I have frogged my hand painted chevron scarf. The more I worked with it, the more I just didn't think it was soft enough to wear on someones neck. So, I ma using some yarn I got for Christmas. Red Heart.
Yeah I know what your thinking, that stuff is rough too, but I know for a FACT that once you wash it, it is uber soft. I love how it is turning out.
I have also finished my first (of many!!!) ball band dish clothes, and have cast on for the second in contrasting colors of the first.
I balled up all my yarn I will be using for the fall rainbow coat. But, man I am having the hardest time getting through this lapel. If someone kind and wonderful has already read through this pattern and has written down row for row in lamens terms, could you please share with me? I think I have frogged this thing like 17 fricken times now, and no I am NOT exaggerating!!! I WANT this coat, I WILL do this coat, but it seems to be kicking my arse in the process.
Well, I hope everyone is doing wonderful, and enjoying all there Christmas goodies! I will have you know, that I finally just this morning got my house back in order. And my bedroom does not count, so don't look in there!!! Leave a comment, say hello, let me know I'm not here talking to myself:)

Monday, December 24, 2007

Started my Chevron scarf, I like it:)

Well, I started my chevron scarf, and am about 30% through it. It is a quick easy and midless knit. I love how it looks!!! I am using my own hand dyed worsted weight wool, using wiltons cake dyes. And hope to have it done tomorrow. I think I like it so much I would like to make alot of them, in all sorts of colors:)

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas! My boys are real excited, and cannot wait for Santa to visit tonight:) Now, if only Santa stays awake long enough.......

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Socks socks and more socks!!!

Here is the sock i was making for bil, out of worsted weight acrylic. It is HUGE!!! I know he is a big man, but I do not want to make him a pair of socks that don't fit well, and fall down, that would sort of defeat the purpose of why I was making them! Gonna frog it. But that's ok, cuz.......
Here is the sock for my 7 yo ds. It is in Bernat sox yarn. Working perfect!!! I have already cast on the other of the pair, and am past the cuff. If I don't have it done tomorrow, I will have it done Sunday. Maybe it wont be done tomorrow, Saturdays are our spinning days. We will see.
Here is the sock I was making for my kids daddy, and guess what? It is too BIG!!! So, I am going to finish this pair and give them to my bil, and make another pair for the kiddos daddy using.......
This awesome yarn from, hand dyed sock yarn in Bird of paradise colorway. I would tell you who I traded it with, and I really wish I could. But I accidentally erased the pm on Ravelry, and I cannot remember her name! She was an awesome lady though!!! I wish I knew her name! If I don't get to post again before Christmas, Merry Christmas too you and your family:)Happy knitting, happy spinning, happy dying, happy crocheting, happy ... oh goodness I could be here all night saying happy! Happy everything to you!!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Busy busy busy, and can prove it!!!

Here is the final product of A Lacy Chill cowl pattern I just finished. It is a very simple lace pattern and I will post it here tonight when the kids let me look at my notes and type at the same time. I have a baby on my lap right now, so that is NOT going to happen! I really love the way it turned out. Warm, functional and pretty!
Here is the side profile.
And here is the 6 oz of coriedale I dyed reds and greens using kool aid. It is a bulky weight 100 yards. I think I will use it to make Christmas tree decorations for next year. It was only my 2nd ply attempt and I am very happy with how it turned out!!!

I also have 2 pairs of socks on the needles. A pair for my sisters dh, he is a big man, so it is taking me a while to make some progress. I will post pics when I have something substantial to show. Right now I am about 7 inches into the first sock. This is also my first pair of socks using circ needles. It is going great, but I am trying to figure out just how I want to do the heel.

I am working on a pair of socks for my stbxh. I am missing 2 of my size 4 needles, so I had to whittle 2 chop sticks to improvise. It is actually working out quite nice, and I think I really like working with them! They are alot longer than regular sock dpns, and I have less worry of the stitches slipping off the end of the needles.

I will be casting on a pair of socks this after noon for my 7 yo ds, I have a skein of Bernat sock yarn in dark blue, and he wants it for him, soooooo... I cannot say no to the kiddos,lol.

Well, I still have no car, and just wait around for people to decide to come and see if we are still alive up on the hill. The weather has been terrible. Ugh, I do not like shoveling snow 8 times a day.

On a side note, can I just say that it irritates me to no friggin end when people decide that if you don't do things their way, then it must be the wrong way? I mean, really!!! I am not putting my sticky fingers all over your fiber, so don't worry about how I have my fingers in mine. Get over yourself. If you don't like what I'm knitting or spinning with, or how I'm knitting or spinning with it, well, that's your problem not mine. Its not like Im forcing my goods on you. And to be quite honest, its no ones business what anyone uses or how they use it!!!! Here is an example... I do not eat meat, I don't believe in it. But do I go around saying how people are nasty cuz they do? Nope, why? Cuz its not my business. Same applys to fiber, yarn and techniques. Its not someones business if some one wants to use rhss, or if they spin different than you. And being rude to them is bullshit, and why is it bullshit? Well, like I said, its not anyone elses business!!!

Ok, rant over, had to get that out there, sorry!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Giftees and other knitting

Here is 100 yards of pencil roving I spun on my spindle for my secret santee. I thought about plying it, but it just looked so good the way it was I left it. I really love working with pencil roving. I am a REALLY big fan of predrafting to perfection, and am really obsessed with doing so. But working with pencil roving was basically already predrafted and I loved working with it! This has been sent in the package to my secret santee, I really hope he likes it:)
Just another pic of it:)

Whats that N? Well, I will tell you what that is. After looking and looking for the perfect cowl pattern, and not finding one that was pretty AND functionally warm for my walking in the NY winter, I have decided to make my own pattern. It is lacy, warm and comfy. As soon as I am done with it I will post the free pattern. I am very proud of myself for this! Hint, I am using knitpick shine in pumpkin, just one skein does the trick:) I will have it done tonight and will post the pattern and close up pics of details and lacy things in the morning if the lil one lets me!
i just had the perfect book swap with Lizmk on Ravelry, I sent her Family Knits by Debbie Bliss and she sent me Hollywood Knits! I just love this book, so much more my style than Debbie Bliss. I haven't really gotten any other of my spinning done with the hand dyed Christmas roving. I have been so busy making this pattern for the cowl, and spinning the roving for my secret santee. Hopefully tonight when the kiddos go to bed, and I get this cowl finished, I can get some more work done on it. We will see how that go's though wont we?
Well, tata for now. Hope all is doing warm and wonderful:)

Monday, December 10, 2007

Secret knitting and spinning!

Here is a super secret knit pic, cant show you any more because my secret santee hasn't gotten it yet and you never know who may be peaking! I have also spun up 100 yards of some pencil roving for my secret santee, no peaking! I will post good pics when I know the package has been received!
This pic goes with the other days pic. This is the continuance of my first plying attempt. Here it is all bathed, beaten and skeined up!
And, after all this spinning I needed some instant gratification. This is the cashmere ski headband from one skein wonders. I did modify the pattern a bit. I wanted it wider. I used .75 skeins of Moda dea Cache. It turned out awesome!

I did get a ride to the po today to get some things mailed, finally! Liz and Freddie, if your reading, your goodies have been sent!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Feelin better, so I knit and spin:)

This was undyed creamy grayish colored coriedale 6 oz roving. I dyed it in green and red using kool aid to look Christmasy. I am spinning it on my hand made spindle. It is turning out quite nice, and I plan on plying it with gold. It is for the December spinning monthly challenge on Ravelry group...
Here is the first cuff of
This will be my first socks that are not plain stockinette stitch. It will also be my first sock following a pattern. I am using Reynolds Swizzle, though I'm not sure of the colorway.

Well, I forgot to take pics of the before wrapping, but here is my secret Santa package getting all dressed up to go to my secret santee!!! I still have to finish something I have been knitting to go with it, will have it done by this afternoon though.
Here is my 6 yo dear sons yarn!!! Just had to show off:)

More to come soon! Keep an eye on me... I start the Fall Rainbow coat soon, and I will be starting the chevron scarf soon!!!

Monday, December 3, 2007

An update, and a fo!

Well, after walking around yesterday hurting so bad I couldn't Even pick up the lillist one, I cryed alot too. When my stbxh went to get my car, he got it to drive, and the same thing happened to him. He was going straight and the rear tires locked right up and spun the car, he ran into a guard rail about 40 mph. He is OK, the car is completely totaled now. There was something wrong with it, which takes some of the guilt I was feeling away. But, OMG! What if my kids had been in the car? What if my sister,. her friend and I had hit head on? When he hit the rail yesterday at 40, the airbag NEVER deployed! If we had hit head on, we would have died as bad as we hit!!! I know not too dwell on what could have been, but it really bothers me. I do feel a bit better today, I can at least hold the baby, and yesterday I did get some knitting done...

It is my Christmas party form fitting poncho I made using Moda Dea ticker tape.

Also, for anyone interested in the new Magknits Fall Rainbow Coat

I have started a KAL starting December 7th. I think this would be a great way to use up all those 1 skeins we have hiding in our stash! Get em used up so we can start fresh in the upcoming new year!

Here is the kal, I have one on Ravlery, and one on blogger. You can sign up both or one, no matter:) Leave me a comment here and I will invite you! Just click join:)

I know everyone is busy with holiday knits, but I think this is awesome, and is the perfect time of year for this coat!!!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

I was in a car accident last night.

Last night I picked up my sister and her friend, I told them I would be dd just give me a call. I took the back roads home because the highway was just atrociousSP?) I went to hit the brakes a little to avoid hitting a deer( I did miss her) and did so going around a curve down hill on black ice. We spun about 10 times which sped our speed up ALOT, I finally got it to go the toerh direction, only to start spinning that way as well. We hit HARD backwards in a 4 foot deep ditch. The front end was up in the air, and my whole back EVERYTHING was pushed and torn up into the back of the car. The 2 girls are fine, thankfully. But my car is totaled, and I hurt so bad. I am not sure if it is whiplash, or the force of hitting the steering wheel. My hands are bruised. I was told that is from "griiping" the steering wheel. It was about 2 degrees when this happened. I have never been so scared in my life. I just kept thinking, no, this cant really be happening. I just dont know what Im gonna do. That was the only car I have. Insurance will not cover it because I didnt carry collision, only liability. I live in the country, just the kids and I. Without that car, we are kinda screwed. But the most importnat part is my sister and her friend are ok. I just keep thinking that if I hadnt gotten that car to spin the other way we would have hit head on, and they would have died. It is a 94 car, only drivers side air bag. And the girl in back seat wasnt even wearing her lap belt. It was just so scarey, U keep crying. I hurt so bad I cant even knit, if you could please send me some get better vibes?