Monday, January 14, 2008

Uhhhh, somethings wrong with my socks dude.......

So, I am loving the bumblebug sock pattern. I have finished the heel and am halfway through the foot section( with a modification, I am not doing the lace pattern on the foot, the yarn Im using isnt the softest, and I dont want the pattern bugging my foot) and Im knitting and thinking, yep, youre good. The I try the sock on, and yes, it fits perfect, BUT....... my heel is wrongside out. Somehow when I did my heel turning, I must have started going in the wrong direction, because my heel is in garter stitch....... Now, I thought about tearing it all the way back and redoing it. But I am not gonna. The yarn is very dark and it wont really be noticable by anyone but me. Im gonna leave it, and make sure to do the same mistake on the second sock.

Also, gonna be opening my etsy shop, yaaay! Mariah is coming over in the morning, and we are going to have a store together:) Im very excited! And, I promised a contest, and I shall deliver a contest. After I get my shop open, I will runa grand opeing contest, for.... well something cool. So, this week sometime, I will be letting you know what kind of goodies some lucky person will be winning:) Dont worry, its not a contest where you have to buy anything. All you will have to do is visit my new store, come here and leave a message about what you think, and you will be entered, hence having to wait until I open our store to enter:) I know, Im such a tease!!!

Well, my lilman is sick, running a fever, coughing the whole nine yards. Im not much better. I spent most of my night and this morning throwing up. If it was JUST throwing up I could handle it, but my stomach hurts so bad in spasms that I swear it feels like contractions. Sooo, hope we feel better tomorrow:)

Other wip updates.

Rainbow fall coat: I have figured out what I am doing with the lapel, have gotten passed the lapel, got passed my first chevron peak, got listening to the kids, and screwed up on the sleeve chevron, so, rippity rip rip. I am thinking about tearing all the way back passed the first chevron peak, because I dont think I can tear back to exactly where I need to start again and not mess it up.

Spinning... Oh yes, there has been spinning, but you will just have to wait till I open my store to see what I have been so hard at work on!

I have also been busy making knitted items that are secret, for the store, so no peaking till I cut the ribbon:)

Oh yeah, I did make a small present to go into my Valentine Swap partners package. But it hasnt been mailed yet, so I cant show you yet. But if you hang tight, I will post pics. Nothing much, just something sweet and valentiny!!!

As far as I know, that is all for right now. Here are some random pics of cool stuff to make up for the lack of wip pics!

OMG~!!!!!!! I cant believe I forgot about Prince. I picked him up from Donna on Saturday, and he is just perfect. Here is a pic of my oldest boy holding him!

Well, sorry no pics, blogger is not being very nice tonight! I will post them tomorrw, promise:)


Helen said...

I haven't seen you on Ravelry and notice you haven't posted here in a while either. Are you OK?

sugarmagknowya of ravelry

Stephania said...


I need you to get in touch with me through Ravelry : Moirae

regarding the Earth Day Swap. I haven't got all your info!