Friday, January 4, 2008

Fo Friday!!!

Looky!!!!!!! I was in the Ravelry Christmas swap, and my original swap partner had sent my gift, which was stolen by my neighbors (along with Christmas cards with gift cards, packages, the whole Christmas nine yards!!!) So, an "angel" sent me a package to make up for it:) I want to thank both people, my original swap buddy, and my angel! This is some bamboo yarn all the way from Australia:) It is called cleckheaton The natural Choice, 100% bamboo. I love it!Also, do you see the adorable kitten card? So sweet.
Ahhh, yes, another unexpected surprise for you!!! I didn't have a pair of sock otn's, so I started these awesome bumblebug socks!!! This will be my first sock pattern, and my first with following a lace patter. I really like how this is knitting up, and I wish my camera would pick up the awesome design that is being made in these socks! I am using the unknown sock yarn I have, it is in earth brown colors. It is turning out awesome!!!

What are those? You didn't say anything about keeping an eye out for these??? Well, no I didn't! i forgot till yesterday morning that my stbx's birthday was yesterday. I spent the majority of the day knitting these, and neglecting as much house work as possible. Again, I did not follow a pattern, just knit what i though would work for his size. They turned out perfect, and he really likes them. I used a Mary Maxim worsted weight yarn, and a vintage worsted weight wool in the contrasting blue stripes. I had never cast off in the middle of a pattern before, and when I cast back on for the thumb opening, it looked sloppy. Soooo, I ended up crocheting around the thumb hole to give it a neater look to it. Worked like a charm:)

And, here we have the DREADED panta, that I had the hardest time with!!! I ended up NOT following the pattern whatsoever, and just knit what I saw while looking at the picture of the head band. It did turn out perfect, and does look just as the pattern pic does. But, I must admit, I will not be doing another one of these.

Well, my sister wanted me to make her some warm headband that covered her ears, but not much else. I used some fun fur type stuff I had lying in the bottom of my stash, and mixed it with some Lions brand micro spun for the green and pink one, and some feather type fun fur by moda dea and some bernat pink bulky alpaca for the pink and white one. She just loves them, and it only took about less than an hour each to make.
Oh yeah, and guess what else? I have a few major changes going on in my life that I just did today.
1) I enrolled in college!!! Oh yes I did. At the ripe age of 31, a single mother of 4 children, I decided to go back to school Monday thru Friday 5:30 pm till 9:30 pm!!! I will be attending Elmira Business Institute, and the admissions advisor has no problems working around my "mommy" schedules!!! How cool is that? Yep, the coolest:)
2) I am filing for a legal separation next week. It was a hard decision to make, but one that had to be done. My marriage has been awful for 9 miserable years. He has kidnapped my children, he has stolen my cars, he has turned my power out in the middle of the night, he has been a no good drunk, oh my god, I could go on and on to all the crap he has done to me for 9 years, but I wont. I am tired of trying to save a marriage that never should have been a marriage to begin with... I am done, and I am going to make the final step in freeing myself from him. You know what the clincher is for ME? My children are starting to treat me the way he does, and always has. THAT is something that opened my eyes. I want my children to grow up and have loving families, I don't want them to think that what they see in their father, is how families work. It breaks my heart to think the damage may have already been done. That cant be the case, I still have time to make a different, I know I do, I have faith in my kids:)
Well, I will post in a few days about my progress with my bumble bug socks!!! I am not good at linking inside a post, cant figure it out, so I am gonna put the link list to the patterns I have talked about below:)

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