Monday, December 31, 2007

Warning! FO pic HEAVY:)

Well, I have been a busy little girl! My kidddos are still on Christmas vacation until Wednesday. And did you know??????? I found someone who lives in the same teeny tiny town I do, on ravelry??? I wasn't even looking! When you pass your mouse pointer of someones avatar to get somewhere (which was my case, I happened to just be moving my mouse to a post) and saw her!!! I am sooo excited! She is going to give me some pointers on spinning, and I am going to give her some pointers on dying! I cant wait till the kids go back to school Wednesday, (I know that's not nice to say.......)

Anyhoo, here are some fo's I have been working hard on.
Awareness ribbon dish cloth for my weekly dish cloth kal. Sorry for the crappy pic, I sooo need a new cam, but it just isn't gonna happen:(

Just some plying practice with my spindle spun yarns. This one is just a baby, 11 yards long, some leftover from my Christmas ply job. And we have some spin wip, silver 50% merino, 50% tencil blend from Winderwood Farms I am spinning up for January's spin challenge. The name of the challenge is indulge yourself, well, silver is an indulgence!!!

Ah yes, and the matching/contrasting hand towel to go with my ball band dish cloth. Want to know a secret? The dish cloth is a wash cloth, my kids claimed it!!! I really adore this pattern, and am thinking of doing many things with it:)

Last but not least, we have a finished Chevron scarf. This seemed to take me forever, but in retrospect, was only a few days. I am very happy with the way it turned out! I just love the colors, and cant wait to get it washed and dryed so it will lay nice and pretty:) I was gonna use it for a gift, but....... it matches my head cover and I think I want it for me:)

Guess what? After raining for like a week, and all the snow (14 inches of it) melting, it snowed 8 inches last night!!! So, I guess I cant complain about having to shovel first thing this morning, I did have a week break from it:)

Hope all is well! Keep your eye out for these upcoming projects!

Panta for my one skein kal

And I will be casting on the second sock for bil

And, of course a new dish cloth for next week:)

I know, not much happening, BUT, kids are home still, and I am lucky to have gotten done what I have, so I don't want to start any major projects just yet!!!
Talk to me baby, talk to me!!!

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Morticcia said...

Great color choice for your chevron scarf!