Saturday, December 1, 2007

I was in a car accident last night.

Last night I picked up my sister and her friend, I told them I would be dd just give me a call. I took the back roads home because the highway was just atrociousSP?) I went to hit the brakes a little to avoid hitting a deer( I did miss her) and did so going around a curve down hill on black ice. We spun about 10 times which sped our speed up ALOT, I finally got it to go the toerh direction, only to start spinning that way as well. We hit HARD backwards in a 4 foot deep ditch. The front end was up in the air, and my whole back EVERYTHING was pushed and torn up into the back of the car. The 2 girls are fine, thankfully. But my car is totaled, and I hurt so bad. I am not sure if it is whiplash, or the force of hitting the steering wheel. My hands are bruised. I was told that is from "griiping" the steering wheel. It was about 2 degrees when this happened. I have never been so scared in my life. I just kept thinking, no, this cant really be happening. I just dont know what Im gonna do. That was the only car I have. Insurance will not cover it because I didnt carry collision, only liability. I live in the country, just the kids and I. Without that car, we are kinda screwed. But the most importnat part is my sister and her friend are ok. I just keep thinking that if I hadnt gotten that car to spin the other way we would have hit head on, and they would have died. It is a 94 car, only drivers side air bag. And the girl in back seat wasnt even wearing her lap belt. It was just so scarey, U keep crying. I hurt so bad I cant even knit, if you could please send me some get better vibes?


Carina said...

That all sounds so awful and scary! Try hot baths to ease the muscles, but massage would be best. Maybe your health insurance will cover that, too?

I'm so sorry about the car. That really sucks.

Bobbi said...

~~~get well vibes~~~

Your accident sounds so scary. I'm glad no one was hurt. Keep relaxing to try to stop hurting. You poor thing, if I was closer I'd come over and help you out.