Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Giftees and other knitting

Here is 100 yards of pencil roving I spun on my spindle for my secret santee. I thought about plying it, but it just looked so good the way it was I left it. I really love working with pencil roving. I am a REALLY big fan of predrafting to perfection, and am really obsessed with doing so. But working with pencil roving was basically already predrafted and I loved working with it! This has been sent in the package to my secret santee, I really hope he likes it:)
Just another pic of it:)

Whats that N? Well, I will tell you what that is. After looking and looking for the perfect cowl pattern, and not finding one that was pretty AND functionally warm for my walking in the NY winter, I have decided to make my own pattern. It is lacy, warm and comfy. As soon as I am done with it I will post the free pattern. I am very proud of myself for this! Hint, I am using knitpick shine in pumpkin, just one skein does the trick:) I will have it done tonight and will post the pattern and close up pics of details and lacy things in the morning if the lil one lets me!
i just had the perfect book swap with Lizmk on Ravelry, I sent her Family Knits by Debbie Bliss and she sent me Hollywood Knits! I just love this book, so much more my style than Debbie Bliss. I haven't really gotten any other of my spinning done with the hand dyed Christmas roving. I have been so busy making this pattern for the cowl, and spinning the roving for my secret santee. Hopefully tonight when the kiddos go to bed, and I get this cowl finished, I can get some more work done on it. We will see how that go's though wont we?
Well, tata for now. Hope all is doing warm and wonderful:)

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