Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Feelin better, so I knit and spin:)

This was undyed creamy grayish colored coriedale 6 oz roving. I dyed it in green and red using kool aid to look Christmasy. I am spinning it on my hand made spindle. It is turning out quite nice, and I plan on plying it with gold. It is for the December spinning monthly challenge on Ravelry group...
Here is the first cuff of
This will be my first socks that are not plain stockinette stitch. It will also be my first sock following a pattern. I am using Reynolds Swizzle, though I'm not sure of the colorway.

Well, I forgot to take pics of the before wrapping, but here is my secret Santa package getting all dressed up to go to my secret santee!!! I still have to finish something I have been knitting to go with it, will have it done by this afternoon though.
Here is my 6 yo dear sons yarn!!! Just had to show off:)

More to come soon! Keep an eye on me... I start the Fall Rainbow coat soon, and I will be starting the chevron scarf soon!!!

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