Monday, December 3, 2007

An update, and a fo!

Well, after walking around yesterday hurting so bad I couldn't Even pick up the lillist one, I cryed alot too. When my stbxh went to get my car, he got it to drive, and the same thing happened to him. He was going straight and the rear tires locked right up and spun the car, he ran into a guard rail about 40 mph. He is OK, the car is completely totaled now. There was something wrong with it, which takes some of the guilt I was feeling away. But, OMG! What if my kids had been in the car? What if my sister,. her friend and I had hit head on? When he hit the rail yesterday at 40, the airbag NEVER deployed! If we had hit head on, we would have died as bad as we hit!!! I know not too dwell on what could have been, but it really bothers me. I do feel a bit better today, I can at least hold the baby, and yesterday I did get some knitting done...

It is my Christmas party form fitting poncho I made using Moda Dea ticker tape.

Also, for anyone interested in the new Magknits Fall Rainbow Coat

I have started a KAL starting December 7th. I think this would be a great way to use up all those 1 skeins we have hiding in our stash! Get em used up so we can start fresh in the upcoming new year!

Here is the kal, I have one on Ravlery, and one on blogger. You can sign up both or one, no matter:) Leave me a comment here and I will invite you! Just click join:)

I know everyone is busy with holiday knits, but I think this is awesome, and is the perfect time of year for this coat!!!

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