Thursday, December 27, 2007

Couple of wips and an fo!!!

Well, I have frogged my hand painted chevron scarf. The more I worked with it, the more I just didn't think it was soft enough to wear on someones neck. So, I ma using some yarn I got for Christmas. Red Heart.
Yeah I know what your thinking, that stuff is rough too, but I know for a FACT that once you wash it, it is uber soft. I love how it is turning out.
I have also finished my first (of many!!!) ball band dish clothes, and have cast on for the second in contrasting colors of the first.
I balled up all my yarn I will be using for the fall rainbow coat. But, man I am having the hardest time getting through this lapel. If someone kind and wonderful has already read through this pattern and has written down row for row in lamens terms, could you please share with me? I think I have frogged this thing like 17 fricken times now, and no I am NOT exaggerating!!! I WANT this coat, I WILL do this coat, but it seems to be kicking my arse in the process.
Well, I hope everyone is doing wonderful, and enjoying all there Christmas goodies! I will have you know, that I finally just this morning got my house back in order. And my bedroom does not count, so don't look in there!!! Leave a comment, say hello, let me know I'm not here talking to myself:)


Silvia said...

Hi Niki
This is my 3rd try in posting a msg. We are in the smae group on Ravelry and I just wanted to wish you a Happy new year and I hope you get that Coat done.

KC said...

Hi Nik, I left you my ideas on ravelry about the coat.
Neat pattern for the dishcloths. Good job getting the house back in order. Does that mean you put away Christmas decorations, or, like me, just got all the dishes done! Take care, Kathy

pickayarn said...

Oh, just the dishes!!!

Helen said...

I used to cringe when someone said "Red Heart" but you are right, after it's washed it's just fine and is SO DARNED AFFORABLE. A long-time knitter at worked turned me on to the many benefits of it. When you knit alot, it really is a great stand-by option for so many things. Just my opinion!

pickayarn said...

Thank you all for your comments! its nice to know I'm not just talking to myself,lol;)