Saturday, December 22, 2007

Socks socks and more socks!!!

Here is the sock i was making for bil, out of worsted weight acrylic. It is HUGE!!! I know he is a big man, but I do not want to make him a pair of socks that don't fit well, and fall down, that would sort of defeat the purpose of why I was making them! Gonna frog it. But that's ok, cuz.......
Here is the sock for my 7 yo ds. It is in Bernat sox yarn. Working perfect!!! I have already cast on the other of the pair, and am past the cuff. If I don't have it done tomorrow, I will have it done Sunday. Maybe it wont be done tomorrow, Saturdays are our spinning days. We will see.
Here is the sock I was making for my kids daddy, and guess what? It is too BIG!!! So, I am going to finish this pair and give them to my bil, and make another pair for the kiddos daddy using.......
This awesome yarn from, hand dyed sock yarn in Bird of paradise colorway. I would tell you who I traded it with, and I really wish I could. But I accidentally erased the pm on Ravelry, and I cannot remember her name! She was an awesome lady though!!! I wish I knew her name! If I don't get to post again before Christmas, Merry Christmas too you and your family:)Happy knitting, happy spinning, happy dying, happy crocheting, happy ... oh goodness I could be here all night saying happy! Happy everything to you!!!

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Christine said...

Thanks so much for delurking.

Merry Christmas!!